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Our objectives

The goal of Stadtentwicklung Bruneck is to raise the quality of life and economic power in the city and to support the attractiveness and significance of Bruneck as a site of tourism, culture, educa-tion, labor, sports, residence, shopping, and social wellbeing.

The association is the meeting point and the go-between for project managers and conveyors of ideas, it creates synergies between the various interest groups in the community, it fosters cooperation, and it provides support and assistance for relevant initiatives. The positive presentation of Bruneck both to the outside and within is to be promoted.

Stadtentwicklung Bruneck initiates and looks after intercommunity cooperation and supports the creation and maintaining of supraregional networks. The association advocates the strategic positioning of Bruneck, it supports innovative steps for the future, and it participates in medium and long-term development processes for the city.